Green Production

Environmental protection is a matter of the heart to us.
BLMFILM therefore always strives to produce sustainable and resource-conserving.
For this we pursue numerous approaches, which we continuously expand:

Art Department

We urge our outfitters to act responsibly. Props and wardrobe will be lent if possible. Purchased items are returned or, if this is not possible, donated to the non-profit fund "Hanseatische Materialverwaltung". Together with the German Association of Commercial Film Producers we are working on more non-profit solutions.

CO2 Compensation

We offer all clients the option of CO2 compensation via This applies to flights, as well as the total production.

Car Trips

We avoid car trips where we can and try to "pool" trips. See also:>e-mobility, > location, >public transport.


For our internal company catering, we work with regional suppliers who deliver the food on dishware. On shoots we work together with catering partners who act sustainably and avoid waste. See also > Drinks/dishes“,“ >Waste prevention.

Cloud Computing

Where possible, we store data locally, avoiding unnecessary, energy-intensive, worldwide data traffic.

Company Car

We gave up our transporter that we used until 2017. Today we do our business rides now afoot, by subways, bicycle, or if necessary, with rental cars. See also >E-mobility.


We use Apple computers and smartphones Our computers are switched off during longer rest periods. Old hardware is sent to professional recycling.


Our first choice for conferences with members from different cities are video or telephone conferences. In all other cases, we try to keep the ecological footprint as small as possible, >Car trips, >Flights.

Digital File Exchange

For digital exchange we prefer to use the usual online tool and avoid where possible physical drives such as USB drives. Our servers are located in the EU. We compress and reduce the files sent and keep the distribution list as small as possible.


Our caterers serve food and drinks in classic, washable dishes and cutlery. Any labeling of cups and glasses is done on 100% water-soluble, environmentally friendly, non-toxic stickers.


We use electronic devices as long as possible, then dispose of them professionally and give them to recycling.


E-mails also generate CO2. Our team is therefore encouraged to avoid e-mails wherever possible, to keep them short and the distribution list small, to limit attachments to a minimum, to compress films and to unsubscribe unwanted newsletters. Our e-mail servers are located in Germany.


The company cars of the BLMFILM managing partners are electric plug-in vehicles. We use e-mobility since 2015. For rental cars we prefer hybrids or e-cars.


We source "natural electricity" from renewable sources. All BLMFILM employees are encouraged to save energy wherever possible, >Training, >Shoot planning, >Movie lights.


We avoid flights wherever we can and strive to use environmentally friendly options of transport, >Conferences, >Car rides >E-mobility. We offer all customers CO2 compensation for their projects with>


Food leftovers from shootings are donated to the “Hamburger Tafel“ or similar local organizations.


Most of our furniture comes from Vitra, >

Further Learning

We meet regularly with productions, service providers, colleagues and associations to find further optimizations and inform ourselves about the possibilities.


During the heating season, we switch off the heaters at the weekend.

Local Products

We prefer local products where possible.


BLMFILM is located in the heart of Hamburg and is easily accessible via >public transport.

Movie Lights

If possible, we try to use low energy lights on the set.

Paperless office

Our goal is to get as close as possible to the "paperless office". Our presentations are digitally held and sent, likewise our call sheets. Incoming invoices are received digitally at If we need to print, we print on a printer with fine-dust-filter.


Together with our business partners, team and suppliers as well as with the German Association of Commercial Film Producers, we are discussing further possibilities of sustainable production.

Planing Production

Planning has the greatest savings potential. Accurate planning avoids wastage, optimizes the material use, saves additional takes or long working hours. Our team is trained in the optimization of shoots, also from a sustainability point of view. Internally, optimization options are discussed on an ongoing basis and the latest environmental knowledge is passed on. >Education, >Car rides, >E-mails, >Movie lights, >Flights, >Conferences.


We avoid disposable tableware and plastic packaging where possible. >Drinks / dishes.

Public Transport

We are within walking distance from the subway station Landungsbrücken (U3, S1, S11, S3) and Baumwall (U3/harbor ferries 61, 62, 75,111, 112), and Rödingsmarkt (M3, M17).

Recycled Paper

If printouts are necessary, we use 100% recycled paper chlorine-free 100% recycled paper (savings: 7.5 kg cellulose, 1.6 kg CO2 and 19.3 kWh per 500 pcs.).

Search Engine

BLMFILM uses, the search engine that donates its proceeds to plant trees.

Standby Devices

All employees are required to turn off stand-by devices whenever possible. If required, our sockets have corresponding switches.


We train or employees. At internal workshops our employees learn what sustainable, environmentally and conscious production means.

Waste Reduction

All BLMFILM employees are encouraged to avoid garbage.

Waste Separation

We separate garbage and recycle glass, packaging, batteries, electrical waste, cars, batteries and paper and cardboard. We do this on set as well.


We drink and serve the excellent Hamburg tap water.

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